Information on Dental Implants and Bridges

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Many improvements have been seen over the past two decades in regards to dental implants. When they first came out, dental implants were primarily used to replace one tooth at a time. Thanks to an evolution in dental technology, your dentist Dr. Eric Eidbo is able now able to replace several teeth at a time by anchoring a dental bridge in the area of the missing teeth.

Even though your dental bridge and titanium abutments that hold it in place are made of materials immune to decay, you should still care for your dental bridge just as you do for your natural teeth. By brushing and flossing twice daily, you will be cleaning plaque and food particle build up off of your dental bridge and preventing tartar formation. If you neglect regular cleaning, gum disease can develop from the tartar and advance into periodontitis, which can cause your abutments holding the bridge in place to loosen.

Those who find cleaning plaque and food particles off of their dental bridges to be difficult should try to using a dental water jet, a waxed floss threader, or interdental brushes.

It’s also important for people with implants to see their dentist regularly so that they can monitor your implants, and also the health of the gums. Any tartar build up can also be cleaned off during your visit.

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