Partial Dentures Can Change Your Life

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If you are missing several teeth in a row and are interested in a removable dental appliance to improve your smile, our team at Oak Grove Dental can offer a custom-made partial denture to fill your tooth gap. Receiving a partial denture can change your life, and we are happy to offer a review of what to expect.

Partial dentures are designed to look like your natural teeth, with a gum-like base set with realistic artificial teeth. The appliance will clasp to the neighboring teeth to stay firmly in the gap in your smile. Here is what you can expect from wearing a partial denture:

– You may experience some initial awkwardness as your mouth adjusts to the new teeth in your smile, but this shouldn’t last long.

– It may take a few tries to expertly insert and remove your dental appliance, and we encourage you to practice until the technique comes naturally.

– You will receive specific instructions from our dentist to help you provide proper care for a partial denture. When inserting the appliance, don’t bite down on the partial denture. We will notify you of how long you need to wear your partial denture every day to support your other teeth and help your mouth adjust.

– When you first try eating with partial dentures, you should take small bites of soft foods to help your mouth comfortably adjust to the new teeth. With time, you can once again enjoy larger and more solid foods.

– If you find that speaking has become difficult, practicing reading aloud every day and repeating words that give you trouble until you can once again speak like your old self.

If you are considering receiving a partial denture in Concord, California, contact Oak Grove Dental at 925-685-2286 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Eric Eidbo and learn more.