Practical Oral Health Care: TMJs

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To limit risk factors associated with damage to your jaw and joints within it, practice effective oral hygiene and oral health care at all times. However, if you should ever suffer from dental damage to your jawbone, it can give rise to a TMJ disorder. TMJs, also referred to as temporomandibular joints, are joint within your mouth that are designed to help facilitate the process of moving your jawbone properly. TMJ disorders can be hazardous to your health because of all the aspects that it is required to perform.

If you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, several treatments can be applied to help minimize the damage or help alleviate pressure and stress associated with them. Common treatments include the following:

–  Use heat packs to help alleviate pain and ice packs to help alleviate inflammation associated with a TMJ disorder.

–  TMJ disorders often require changes to your diet, including the addition of soft foods only.

–  To help strengthen your jaw, consider using various jaw strengthening exercises.

–  Oral appliances such as night guards and bite plates can be used to help alleviate pressure in association with a TMJ disorder.

–  If you have stress that could be related to your jaw pressure, consider yoga or calming music as forms of meditative therapy.

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