Helping Your Child Understand the Significance of Oral Hygiene

Baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, so what good does it do to take care of them? If that’s what you believe, then this article is for you! Baby teeth are essential to your child’s overall dental hygiene, both in childhood and adulthood. Find out why by reading... Read more »

Unique Insight on Dental Veneers

Numerous tooth restorations and replacements exist to help improve the functionality of your smile. Due to the plethora of treatments that can be used to help restore any damage that may have occurred, your teeth are often well protected. However, dental damage in the form of irregular looking teeth can... Read more »

Fluoride Supplements Can Help Rejuvenate the Mineral Density of Your Tooth Enamel

People who struggle to maintain a consistent oral hygiene regimen or those who consume acidic beverages on a frequent basis are at increased risk of suffering tooth enamel demineralization. This is even more likely to become an issue if you live in a rural location without daily access to fluoridated... Read more »

Why Your Dentist May Suggest Fluoride Treatment

If you are looking to sustain excellent oral health and want to know if there is something more you could be doing to keep your teeth healthy, come speak with Dr. Eric Eidbo. Depending on the condition of your health and quality of your dental habits, our dentist may suggest... Read more »

Protecting Your Little One’s Oral Health

Avoiding baby bottle tooth decay is the best course of action and straightforward. Helping your child practice good dental hygiene habits is the number one thing you can do to aid them to prevent baby bottle tooth decay's advance. Assist your child as they brush their pearly whites in the... Read more »

Fluoride Supplements Can Help Prevent New Cavities

Many municipal water sources in the United States include trace amounts of fluoride in the water they provide. This helps I daily consumption and exposure for people living and working in urban areas. In conjunction with good oral hygiene practices the fluoridated water helps maintain strong tooth enamel and healthy... Read more »

A History of Tongue Cleaning

Have you noted the recent rise in the popularity of tongue scrapers? Well, think it or not, tongue cleaning is a long way from a new trend. To feed your craving for an understanding of all things dental, here are some facts on the history of tongue cleaning. In Indian... Read more »

Gum Disease and Cardiovascular Issues

Although you may be aware that gum disease can cause problems for your mouths, such as loose teeth, bad breath, and receding gums; did you know that gum disease can also cause problems for your heart? Gum disease causes your gums to swell, and that admits bacteria into your system.... Read more »

FAQs about Abscesses

Do you know what an abscess is? If so, do you think you may have one? Here are some FAQs about your abscess: What is an abscess? Due to a multitude of causes, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease or a cracked tooth, bacteria entering the innermost part of the... Read more »

A Tooth Afflicted by a Small Cavity Might Be Repaired with a Dental Filling

There are sometimes when even a diligent and consistent oral hygiene routine simply isn’t enough to prevent a cavity from developing on one of your teeth. As this starts to happen you might notice a change in the surface texture of a tooth accompanied by discomfort or increased sensitivity. In... Read more »