How To Brush Better!

We all know that brushing and flossing are major parts of good oral hygiene. But bad habits can creep up on us all, even with our best efforts. Luckily, it’s never too late to brush up on your brushing habits! One of the habits that is easiest to slip into... Read more »

Consistent Oral Hygiene Habits Help Maintain a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge restoration is often the preferred choice for a patient who has recently lost a tooth. The single piece of dental work is designed from durable materials that rival the strength of natural tooth enamel, to restore the essential function of your mouth. Even though a dental bridge... Read more »

Are You Considering Fluoride Supplementation?

Have you ever wondered why fluoride is often found in oral health care products? The reason is that the mineral can improve and protect your tooth enamel. Are you interested in for fluoride supplementation? If so, consider the following: - If you need additional fluoride supplements, they can be obtained... Read more »

Treat Your Toothache

If a toothache begins, then you know you are in for a long day or night. Knowing how to treat or overcome your toothache could take the pain away and help you get back to your life. Here at Oak Grove Dental in Concord, California, our team is enthusiastic about... Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry for Your Kids

Having a specialist to keep your child’s oral health in top-notch condition is always a great idea when it comes to the care of your child. That is why, our team here at Oak Grove Dental in Concord, California, is happy to talk to you about pediatric dentistry and why... Read more »

Can Dental Crowns Protect Your Teeth?

Can dental crowns protect your teeth? Although each crown can only be fitted for a single tooth at a time, they are extremely effective at keeping teeth safe from danger. They work by covering up the entire tooth down to the gum line by directly bonding to all sides of... Read more »

The Magic of Dental Veneers

The magic of dental veneers cannot be understated. Dental veneers are a durable tooth restoration service that can not only enhance your smile, but they can also conceal and cover up many negative or unrepairable aspects of it. Dental veneers work by constructing a thin yet durable shell that is... Read more »

The Water Flosser Quiz

Did you know that dental floss is only one type of interdental cleaner capable of cleaning between teeth? Another wonderful product that can also do the job effectively is a water flosser. Water flossers work by using beams of water to clean between teeth safely and effectively. For more information,... Read more »

Information on Dental Implants and Bridges

Many improvements have been seen over the past two decades in regards to dental implants. When they first came out, dental implants were primarily used to replace one tooth at a time. Thanks to an evolution in dental technology, your dentist Dr. Eric Eidbo is able now able to replace... Read more »

How a Tooth Infection Can Affect Your Overall Health

You may be among the many who do not realize the ways that issues in the mouth can affect other parts of the body. An abscessed tooth, an infection which usually results from severe tooth decay, occurs at the root of a tooth. An abscessed tooth manifests as a very... Read more »